Be The Art Gallery Opening at Zilkha South Gallery


Imagine a place where magic happens. Where the miracle of human expression manifests itself in varying dimensions and perspectives onto four stark white gallery walls. Don’t worry, this place exists. And it starts existing tomorrow:

Olivia Grant ’14, Sydney Lowe ’13  and Yatta Zoker ’14 want you to come to the BE THE ART Gallery Opening Reception!

BE THE ART is an annual student-curated art exhibition committed to celebrating and raising awareness of underrepresented artists of color at Wesleyan.
Featured Artists include: Heran Abate ’13 , Dandara Catete ’15, Taylor Dauphin ’15, Raphael Diallo ’14, Mariama Eversley ’14, Adam Forbes ’13, Raphael Linden ’15, Sophia Hussain ’13, Christian Lalonde ’13, Sydney Lowe ’13, Mao Misaki ’15, Marina Reza ’13, Khari Slaughter ’13, Lisa Sy ’13, Ariana Todd ’13, Dat Vu ’15, Yiyang Wang ’15

Refreshments will be provided by Iguanas Ranas. Fxwrk (Coral Foxworth) will provide beats. Wes Alum Kamar Thomas ’12 will be speaking!

When: Thursday, February 21st
Where: Zilkha South Gallery
Time: 5-7 pm
Why: The magic waits for no one.

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