Connecticut Justice Party Meeting


From Anonymous ’13:

The Connecticut Justice Party will be holding an open meeting in Middletown on February 24th. The Connecticut Justice Party is affiliated with the Justice Party of America, a new political party that was founded by 2012 Presidential Candidate Rocky Anderson. The party is based on a centralist platform with progressive values and is focused on bringing justice to issues such as the economy, civil rights, education and the environment. With the aim of being a viable main-stream alternative to the Democratic and Republican parties, the Justice Party is quickly expanding across America.

The meeting will provide an opportunity for members and non-members to discuss the building of the party in our state and will cover national events of the party. Founded on open principles and transparency, and the need to bring the power back to citizens and out of the hands of corporations, the party looks forward to listening to concerned CT citizens. Please visit our state website. For more details on the time and location, please visit our Meetup page or email contact(at)justicepartyct(dot)org.

Date: Sunday, February 24th
Time: 1pm
Place: Javapalooza (330 Main Street)
Meetup: What the hell is a “Meetup”?

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