Apply To International House

ihouse poster

Apply to live in International House! Yes, all the rumors you heard are true. We are that awesome. And we channel Beyonce’s energy everyday to keep us going.

Applications are due tomorrow (Monday, February 25th) at 12 noon. Apply through your e-portfolio. Preference the house on GRS and then complete the short application.

Here’s what you could be a part of:

12 singles. Own laundry room. Front and back porches. Big kitchen. Acceptance of all cultures, backgrounds and personalities, which is hard to find these days. Near WesWings. Parking lot. We could go on forever… 

Email Nicole Okai ’14 (the house manager) at nokai(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with questions, needs for last-minute house tours, bets on the Oscar winners, whatever.

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