Wesleyan Way Too Distracted By Oscars To Notice Fire at HiRise

“it’s not like i was prematurely ripped from the womb (my bed) and forced outside practically naked waiting for this kid to put his blunt out”

Some kid threw a lit blunt into a garbage can and set off the HiRise fire alarm, but with the way people are ignoring it you’d think it was the Oscars or something.

According to Luke Wherry ’13, “Some kid thought it would be a good idea to throw away the ember from their hookah into the trash.” Wesleying’s Twitter correspondents (read: @weird_vibes) are on the scene with way more detail about this fire than you can possibly want or need:

Things to take away from this post: the party foul fire appears to be under control, firemen (apparently) do not have access to HiRise, and not enough people in HiRise are on Twitter. Now back to your regularly scheduled content. Don’t throw blunts in garbage cans.

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5 thoughts on “Wesleyan Way Too Distracted By Oscars To Notice Fire at HiRise

    1. stillapartyfoulfire

      She was live tweeting, not doing investigative journalism. It was going around that it was a blunt before people were sure what had happened.

  1. sportsareawesome

    Thank you Luke Wherry for that great insight. Why are you in hi rise when you should be working on your thesis?

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