Global Brigades at Wesleyan

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Your favorite globe-trotting, crisis-theorizing Beta bro Scott “Habermas” Elias ’14 wants to pull the unsustainable neoliberal wool from your eyes:

Bobby Cunningham ’15 and Scott Elias ’14 have created a Global Brigades chapter at Wesleyan, and are looking for a group of 15-20 Wes students to join and travel to Panama next January for a 7-9 day brigade. GB is a student-led health and sustainable development NGO that seeks to ignite social change in very low socioeconomic communities in Panama, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Ghana. GB’s mission: “To resolve global health and economic disparities by empowering student volunteers, local professionals, and community members in a collaborative holistic approach to sustainable development,” stresses the connection between all programs areas–microfinance, business, environmental, water, and dental among others.

Our chapter’s aim will be a Business Brigade with an Environmental focus in Panama. We will spend the Fall semester planning and organizing our trip, learning about our community, and brainstorming effective ways to consult local small businesses and look to design a larger business plan for the community with a substantial environmentally focused investment. Here is the program website. If you’re interested and would like to learn more about what we will do during the brigade (as well as what we’ll do in preparation for it), please join us for an information session and Q&A at 8 pm on Tuesday, February 26th in Shanklin 107.

Date: Tomorrow, February 26th
Time: 8pm
Location: Shanklin 107
Cost: Your illusions

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