Soul Clap: Not a Strain of Gonorrhea That Infects Your Soul

I’m a trifle deaf in this ear. Speak a little louder next time.

Saturday night, Gene Wilder lookalike DJ Jonathan Toubin took the stage floor armed with Tec 12s and a bevy of vintage wax, bringing Eclectic goers to their feet for a night of dancing, dancing and more dancing. The festivities of The New York Night Train—described as the “home of the extraordinary 45rpm maximum rock and soul sets and wild parties of DJ Mr. Jonathan Toubin”—included a dance-off with a cash prize of $100, and more than 40 weskids twerked, crumped and got jiggy for the money, ostensibly to roll up to snort some yay to use to add points at the end of the semester after blowing all their points at WesWings.

Click through the break to see Toubin’s tweet about Wesleyan College catching a strain of the clap that no penicillin could ever cure, along with photos of the event and a blurb courtesy of Eric Lopez ’15.

Lopez writes:

DJ Jonathan Toubin and his New York Night Train rode into Eclectic last night and the best dancing ever seen took over the ballroom. Ranging from frenzied R&B to Detroit soul, Toubin’s Soul Clap rode into Eclectic and brought out the dance moves that we never lost. Some grinding was to be had, but the inventiveness of the crowd when James Brown hit their ears was awe-inspiring. From the Twist to “I don’t know what I just did,” the fever took over.

The highlight of the night though was the dance-off with a $100 cash prize attached. Over forty would-be dancers forgot their names and danced and danced . #26 was the star of the night, as you can see in the photos below, captivating both Toubin and the judges.  #15 didn’t come to lose though as her partner for the night got her into the finals with one extremely emotive move after another. #26 won out though, but not a single person was disappointed in spending three hours twisting and turning to rare 45s. Much thanks to Ethan Hill ’16 for setting up the night.

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