Hamlet in Wonderland Auditions


From Simoneil Sarbh ’13:

Ever thought Hamlet belonged in Wonderland?
Do you contemplate infinity for the fun of it?
Would you stay up all night to make friends for life?
Are you Wesleyan?
Come audition for Hamlet In Wonderland, we wanna play with you!

Show goes up May 9-11
Auditions: Next Wednesday and Thursday (27th and 28th) in the Jones
Room (there are no forks in the road) 114 Wyllys from 7-9

Google doc with sign up sheet for auditions

If you have a monologue or a song that’s cool, if not we’re still
gonna play with your balls, we’re all mad here.

Date: Wednesday, Feb 27 & Thursday, Feb 28
7-9 pm
Jones Room (Theater and Dance Studios) 114 Wyllys
Only as much as your dignity’s worth

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