BandCampWes: House Party — the Band, Not the Movie — Drops “No Forever/I’m Ready, Darling”

“Inspired by mutual love of auto castration and top 40 hits.”


I really like this album. Not just sorta like it, but I really like it. The band is House Party, the album is called “No Forever/I’m Ready, Darling,” and it was made by Razor Edwards ’10 (of Precision Libido fame), Jeff Rovinelli ’10 (of The Noms fame), and current Brown University student Tim Rovinelli (Brown ’13).  It was recorded over a year, includes samples from Christina Perri, and most of it was recorded with a homemade gaggle of electronics, which, by the sound of most of the album, I’m going to go ahead and assume must’ve looked similar to Satan’s genitalia.

The music itself has, at times, a chilled out almost shoegaze-y feel (see “3pm (puma automatic)”), but this facade slowly gets peeled away during the track “love you (christina perri).” After a somewhat benign intro, the album seems to become a small exercise in audio engineering and distorted pop. This is all well and good, but it is during the third track when it becomes evident here that chaos reins supreme. “it’s *** (more light rock)” sounds like a 15-minute nightmare so muddied and contorted that if you listen to this album while walking around in public life, you will inevitably be convinced that a Gollum-like apparition will reveal itself to you with secrets you can use to eventually break out of the Riker’s Island mental ward that you are sure to be locked in if you listen any longer.

You might be wondering, “Who in the name Nosferatu could make such a hub-bub?” Juniors and seniors might remember…

Razor gets credit for starting PNK@DKE, an epic punk line up taking place not at Eclectic (What? But how?) but at DKE. Both Razor and Jeff would play shows together from together, bringing Queercore to Wes with their bands and  bringing all types of ruckus.

The album is get-able for a price of your choosing at this link. After all is said and done, my weak and feeble attempt at getting my sad excuse of an English vocabulary to convey to you the wide range emotions, timbre, and subtleties of music, something notoriously bad at being described, should not be held as any representation of what the music actually sounds like. In fact, forget everything I’ve said and go check out it and let the music speak for itself.

My favorite tracks are “my own 2 thumbs” and “it’s *** (more light rock).”

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