Skull & Serpent Does the Harlem Shake

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 6.42.12 PM

Although a mention of Skull and Serpent Society doesn’t usually summon an aura of humor, the society would like to offer this semi-comedic glimpse inside the tomb as they share their very own Harlem Shake video with the Wesleyan community. The slight shakiness of the hand-held cam at the beginning might seem slightly contrarian, but it really only adds to the shake of the video, and also gives it a nice Blair Witch Project feel.

Since the video doesn’t permit embeds, you can watch it here.

Note that S&S has attempted to share this video by comment-bombing multiple unrelated posts, including this and this, as well as the following other attempts (click to enlarge):

  • sorry…

    you’re about a month too late on this one

  • Iota Zeta Epsilon

    what a nice surprIZE!!!

  • swift

    props to the person twerking on the left wall

  • nizzle

    must admit this was pretty sick

  • Student ’14


  • the kid 2

    that was awesome.

  • the sleuth

    hmmm is this a message ? are they active now? what does it all mean?!!

  • dafuq

    lmao ! the mullet!

  • the kid

    a secret society desperate for attention. what a fascinating paradox.

  • Skul and Serpent

    I love the spelling of SKUL! in the comment-bombings, missing the second “LLLLLLLL.” Perhaps you were trying for “school” instead? School and Serpent?

  • asdf

    no one cares about these clowns