Grand Cousin Drops Such a Music Video

Grand Cousin video

Grand Cousin, that excellent rocky band with the crazy falsetto, are playing their second show of the weekend tonight (and will play their third tomorrow!). Maybe you caught their very strong set last night, opening for the Japanese.  But in case you’re so busy that you can’t make any of them, you can still get your fix with their brand new video by Jack Coyne ’13 and Sidney Schleiff ’14.

Shot outside what looks like the Athenian Diner, the video features frontman Henry Hall ’14 singing and clutching a lil’ shrub in an unbroken take. He does that awesome thing wherehe doesn’t lip-sync to everything, kinda like this. Bassist Robby Caplan ’14 and drummer Evan Low ’14 are chillin’ in the background. Oh, and you should watch the whole thing.

Catch Grand Cousin tonight at The Buttonwood Tree, or tomorrow at Psi U with Molly Rocket & The Crooks and The Taste.

More Grand Cousin on Bandcamp and on Facebook.

TAKE YOU OUT (2013) Grand Cousin from Jack Coyne on Vimeo.

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6 thoughts on “Grand Cousin Drops Such a Music Video

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  2. itsrowanbitch

    Literally in love with this song and video – probably responsable for about 76.7% of the views. At least. Can’t wait to come to Wes in the fall.

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