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Marisa Guerrero ’15 has a delicious proposition:

Do you love to bake? Think you can create the yummiest cookie ever? In need of a break from midterms? Well you’re in luck!

Next Thursday 3/7, Brighter Dawns is hosting its second annual COOKIE CUP! The Cookie Cup is an event where Wesleyan students can sample dozens of cookies made by a bunch of teams (including yours!) and vote on the most creative/most delicious/most aesthetically appealing, etc. Basically, it’s an excuse for us all to eat our weight in cookies.

Right now, we’re looking for teams – of however many people you want – to bake! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your baked goods. (Last year’s winner was the “Inception Cookie” – a cookie inside a cookie – and it was legendary). Prizes will be awarded to the winning teams!

To sign up a team or receive more information, email sbhalobasha@wes. Even if you are not interested in baking, join us at the Usdan Cafe at dinnertime on Thursday, 3/7 to participate in the eating part of the Cookie Cup! Proceeds benefit Brighter Dawns, an organization that works to improve health conditions in the slums of Bangladesh.

Date: Sign up now, compete on Thursday, 3/7
Time: Contest is from 6-9 pm
Place: Usdan Cafe

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2 thoughts on “Sign Up to Bake for the Cookie Cup

  1. Full House Ghost

    Excuse me, but this sounds like the Cookie Cup is Brighter Dawn’s conception. It was originally a Full House program and should be remembered as such. Please and thank you.

    1. Okay

      That could be said a bit more politely. No hostility necessary. In the past, Full House donated the Cookie Cup proceeds to Brighter Dawns, but this year Brighter Dawns is hosting the event. Brighter Dawns is willing to give Full House recognition in whatever way its residents see fit, however this year it is not a Full House program.

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