Ensemble Pamplemousse at Russell House


From Ashlin Aronin ’13, as previewed in Wesleying’s Winter Concert Peview:

This Sunday, March 3rd, the student-run Experimental Music Group kicks off its spring season with a performance by New York-based Ensemble Pamplemousse at Russell House.

“[Theirs is] a style and concept that bridges the gap between the earliest conscious sounds humans made together and the most up to the moment exploration of musical possibilities…the event horizon of each sound describ[es] a moment with infinite possibilities, including infinite duration.” (George Grella, The Big City)

This show features works and performances by several Wes alumni, including Andrew Greenwald, Ivan Naranjo and Maria Stankova.

Thanks for listening!

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Natacha Diels: Bahnhof
for voice and electronics

Andrew Greenwald: A thing is a hole in a thing it is not (ii)
for flute, viola and cello

George Lewis: Impromptu
for Pamplemousse

Ivan Naranjo: hitherto
for bass flute, violin, cello, percussion, and electronics

Alexander Sigman: Les Jardin des Supplices
for flute, violin, cello and electronics


Performed by Ensemble Pamplemousse:

Natacha Diels, flutes
Kiku Enomoto, violin/viola
Andrew Greenwald, percussion
Jessie Marino MA ’13, cello
Maria Stankova, voice
Dave Broome, keyboards

What: Ensemble Pamplemousse
Where: Russell House
Date: Sunday, March 3
When: 9:00pm
Cost: FR££

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