Alumni Mentorship Survey

From Megan Cash ’14:

Hello! Ting Zhang ’15 and I are conducting a survey to gauge student interest in professional mentorship. We want to put together a program to match students with alums based on career interests or passions, encouraging ongoing relationships between students and alumni. Could you please post these short questions on Wesleying? Thanks!

Would you be interested in having a professional mentor?

How many hours a week would you be willing to dedicate to talking with your mentor? If you’re interested, email us at wesmentorship(at)gmail(dot)com.

Contact: wesmentorship(at)gmail
Deadline: Whenever

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One thought on “Alumni Mentorship Survey

  1. Anon

    As an alumna, I know other schools that do this and wish Wesleyan had a similar program. I think it’s a great idea. Best of luck!

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