Spotted: Portraits Made of Chalk

Who’s the defiant art teacher who has been assigning students to complete their midterm portraiture project in chalkings around campus? Reveal yourself in the comments. Take a bow.

One of these was spotted on the steps near the entrance to PAC. Another was spotted on the pavement near the cemetery at the top of Foss. Not sure where the third was photographed. Not sure who the culprit is. Not sure who the subjects are. Not sure of anything. Open to explanations in the comments section.

Are there more around campus? Tell us.

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13 thoughts on “Spotted: Portraits Made of Chalk

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  3. Merlo

    Muahaha! I know who’s done these portraits! Said person is awesome and a great artist!

  4. Anon

    there’s another one that was being drawn this afternoon on the way to the Center for Film Studies

  5. chalkcharcoalfun

    dear person drawing these: ahh you started doing it! they look beautiful. but not for long :) I love you!!

  6. swoolf

    The third one is under the sign about Dresser Diamond, at the corner of that path past Andrus and the passage between Clark and Olin.

    1. Samantha O'Brien

      Confirmed… though I would clarify to say it’s close to the Usdan Cafe. It appeared at least two days ago.

        1. Wesalum

          Wait, now I’m confused. Close to the Usdan Cafe and closest to Wesshop are two different things… I would say that those entrances are on opposite ends of Usdan actually. The one closest to Usdan Cafe is the main entrance I would say (near the old Squash building), while the one closest to Wesshop is near Fayerweather… no?

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