Wesleyan Thinks Big Once More!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hannah “Talks on Talks on Talks” Vogel ’13 still knows what the kids like these days:

Happy Spring, Wes! We’re back with five of Wesleyan’s most exciting professors, who can’t wait to blow your minds with their favorite topics. Each professor will give a ten-minute lecture on an idea that keeps them up at night, inspiring us to think bigger and better than ever before. Tickets can be reserved on our website starting this Thursday, 3/7 at noon, and will be available for pick-up the week before the event. Any tickets that go unreserved will be offered at Usdan the week of as well. Tickets for this event have been reserved quickly in the past, so snap ’em up. This event is open to the Middletown, alumni, and parent communities– so tell your moms/dads/friends/etc. to come along!
(Videos from last fall’s event will be up over Spring Break. Sorry for the delay!)
Jacob Bricca: “Cinema Verité and the Reality Infection”
Paula Matthusen: “Sounds in Remembered Spaces”
Jeff Rider: “The Importance of Old Stories”
Vera Schwarz: “A Jewish Wanderer Listening for the Unsayable in China”
Balu Balasubrahmaniyan: “‘Periyar’: E.V.Ramasamy and Social Activism in India”
With emcee Gil Skillman.
Where: Memorial Chapel (with post-game reception in Zelnick)
Date: Thursday, March 28th (the Thursday after we’re back from break)
Time: 8-9:30PM
Cost: Free hundred dollars.
Facebook: Professorbook
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8 thoughts on “Wesleyan Thinks Big Once More!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. HTML

    To the poster of this blog: Your code is missing “http://” at the beginning of the urls for tickets and website. When that isn’t included, the interwebs try to create a full url relative to w/e page you are on (hence the error page on wesleying). This slight error combined with the attribute on the image and the fact that I haven’t eaten lunch yet, made me accidentally interpret this entire post as sarcastic. Instead, I’m glad the university is able to put programs like this on despite this chalking conspiracy swallowing up all of the funds.

    1. Hannah Vogel

      There were some problems with the sound editing so we’re working on it. They should be up by Spring Break, and thanks for your patience.

    1. Hannah Vogel

      The reasons, as they are, are threefold: 1) we had a really heavy social science/science roster last semester, 2) we’ve never had any of these disciplines except film before and are excited to bring a different line-up, and 3) we asked many professors and at some point, it comes down to which professors accept and are available at the time of the event. If there are any professors who you think we’ve overlooked (though we may have asked them) please post on our Facebook wall!

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