Enrolled Alums Film Comedy Sketch, Possible Web Series

You might remember comedy veteran Josh Margolin ’11 as one of the creators of “Enrolled,” Wesleyan’s first ever web series. Now he’s back at it again, this time joined by Julian Silver ’12 and Charlie Alderman ’11. The three recently released “boychicks” (yes, with a lowercase ‘b’), a comedic sketch about a few broke 20-somethings as they scheme to obtain free drinks. (Sound familiar?) Though it is currently a stand-alone sketch, Margolin says they plan on shooting more and hope to expand it into a web series.

In the clip, “The boychicks attempt to get their drink on… without spending any money. ” Watch it above.

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5 thoughts on “Enrolled Alums Film Comedy Sketch, Possible Web Series

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  2. Old Card

    Personally speaking, I did not regret the four and a quarter minutes of my life that it took to watch. It was pretty funny..

  3. '12

    shout out Josh Margolin ’11 for making it onto last week’s episode of The New Girl, as well.

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