Wes Ranks #12 on List of “Colleges Where the Students Are Both Hot And Smart”

The days of WesTech might finally be over. Wesleyan, once rumored to be a haven for unattractiveness, has just been ranked twelfth in a national ranking of colleges “where the students are both hot and smart.”  The list—published by Business Insider, which only last month questioned “What’s wrong with Wesleyan?”—was compiled by College Prowler and based on an averaging of individual lists created for each factor. Business Insider notes that College Prowler ranks schools “based on input from real students at the schools.” This seemingly results in a methodology that is not very quantitative and subject to many confounding factors, a methodology which might be referred to as highly sketchy. Accordingly, a number of commentators have voiced their objections via social media.

Middlebury, a fellow NESCACer, came in one spot behind us at 13. When @inthecac tweeted about the debate over the inclusion of Wes and Mid, some asked about Williams’ place on the list. But neither Williams nor any other NESCAC school made the cut, though Vassar comes in at 23, and Yale, at 15:

Some responses of students have taken issue with, as Matt Chilton ’16 describes it, the “list’s (and those who write to college prowler’s) preference for clean christian athletic hotties.”  In response to an alum’s reminiscence, Chills Tons also calls for a return to the unshaven hippie days:

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 3.09.52 AM

Carlo Francisco ’11 singles out the top pick, BYU, the university owned and operated by the Mormon Church:

It was only 5 years ago that Wesleyan was ranked as the third ugliest college in the nation by another highly reputable source, “Your Online Frathouse.” But then in 2007 the New York Times Magazine featured a photo shoot with the tagline  “Fresh out of orientation, Wesleyan University first-years are already proving to be model students.”

Whether you agree with the list’s ranking or not, no one seems to be debating the intelligence of Wesleyan students, which might be a more important indicator of our status as an academic institution. But with BYU as the top school, what other choice do you have than to believe?
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4 thoughts on “Wes Ranks #12 on List of “Colleges Where the Students Are Both Hot And Smart”

  1. asdfasf

    I have no idea how the other schools fare, which is why I’m not calling the list out as “bullshit”, but I really do think Wesleyan is overall a pretty attractive school.

  2. MyBabysitterGotKnockedUpAtPUC

    I lived right near PUC (#2 on the list) and it doesn’t deserve to be on any college rankings list, not to say Wes doesn’t deserve a spot somewhere but I just have to say how bullshit this list is

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