Last Call to Apply for Wesleyan Writing Programs Fellowships

Another message — just in time! — from current/outgoing Ford Fellow Emma Mohney ’12:

RussellHouseCalling seniors from all majors!

If you are:

1. unsure of where you’ll be next year,
2. looking for work with significant responsibilities and learning opportunities,
3. hoping to get into graduate school in the future (or considering it), and
4. interested in contributing to the success of writing programs at Wesleyan,

then consider applying for Wesleyan’s prestigious post-graduate Writing Programs fellowships!

The application deadline for the two Writing Programs fellowships is right around the corner: Wednesday, March 27, at 4:30 pm. You can find specific information on the application process–it’s quite simple!–at the Ford Fellowship and the Shapiro/Russell sites. (N.B. for those interested in the Shapiro Center/Russell House Arts Fellowship: As the Arts Fellow position is being redefined, just apply to the Ford Fellowship and be sure to indicate your interest in the Arts Fellowship.)

The deadline for other writing prizes and fellowships is also this Wednesday. Check out our website to see all of the opportunities awaiting you. It’s not too late; act now!

Questions? Contact Anne Greene at 860-685-3604 (agreene@wes), current Ford Fellow (me) at writingworks@wes, and current Arts Fellow Maxwell Bevilacqua ’12 at russellhouse@wes.

Deadline: Wednesday, March 27 at 4:30 pm
Contact: agreene@wes, writingworks@wes, russellhouse@wes

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