n+1 Editors Plan Trip to Wesleyan, Book Night at “Wesley Inn & Suites”

From Samantha Maldonado ’13 comes news of an excellent event happening in Allbritton tomorrow for anyone interested in writing, magazines, or cultural criticism:

n+1 is a Brooklyn-based magazine of politics, literature, and cultural criticism. Editors Carla Blumenkranz, Dayna Tortorici, and Elizabeth Gumport will read a piece they wrote from the newest issue, discuss different genres of writing, talk about the publishing industry, and answer your questions.

Once you’ve properly digested that event blurb, head over to Pyxis to read Maldonado’s interview with the editors. Then consider offering said editors your couch for a night; it seems they’re not pleased with the hotel reservations their interns have booked at the Wesley Inn & Suites on Washington Street:

Various Wesleyan people were quick to respond with alternative suggestions:

Is your couch the right couch for n+1? Find out on Tuesday night.

Date: Tuesday, March 26
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: Allbritton 311
Cost: Free

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2 thoughts on “n+1 Editors Plan Trip to Wesleyan, Book Night at “Wesley Inn & Suites”

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  2. Cage

    The Wesley Inn and Suites is fine, all the h8rs are just classist. My parents stay there whenever they visit. It’s right next to the McDonald’s on Wash. What more could you want? There’s no gorgons lurking destroying all the couches like at Eclectique.

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