Keith Fullerton Whitman and Tim Rovinelli @ BuHo


From Daniel Nass ’13:

Come to BuHo on Thursday night to hear a pair of ear- and mind-bending electronic musicians!

Modular synth master Keith Fullerton Whitman is a Boston-based musician whose work encompasses generative rhythms, rich textures, and dense drones. Pitchfork’s Mark Richardson describes his recent output as “electronic music that, while drawing heavily from the past, also sounds like nothing else out there now.”

Providence-based DIY noisemaker Tim Rovinelli (Splatterpuss, House Party) summons shifting tapestries of raw sound from arcane homemade circuits.

Time: 10 P.M.
Date: Thursday, March 28
Location: Buddhist House (356 Wash)
Cost: Free
Facebook: Here

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