#YOZO: Zammuto, Snowblink, The Japanese @ Eclectic

If you read our winter concert forecast (cloudy with a chance of Delicate Steve), you’ll recall the short bit we included about Zammuto:

Zammuto is the solo project of guitarist/vocalist Nick Zammuto of the generally inimitable Books, who called it quits a year ago. Zammuto features that same glitchy, wildly inventive cut-and-paste aesthetic, but more vocal-oriented and less emphasis on bizarre spoken word samples. (If you don’t know The Books, stop what you’re doing and watch this video.)

Guess what, homedrones? Winter’s over, and that means Zammuto is bringing his powers of freak experimental wizardry THIS SATURDAY to ECLECTIC for a FREE CONCERT that is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Jesse “Skeevy on the Radio” Brent ’13 with the crucial deets:

Hey!!! The WESU Spring Concert Series rolls on this Saturday, March 30th, with performances by Wesleyan’s The Japanese, Toronto pop duo Snowblink, and former half of The Books Nick Zammuto. At Eclectic Haus. I know, I know, it’s going to be awesome!!! The Japanese at 10pm -> Snowblink at 11 -> Zammuto at midnight. The show is free for all, though those without a Wes ID should RSVP here. Rock ‘n roll!!!

Visit the Facebook and WESU event pages for more band info. Thanks to WESU, the Wesleyan Concert Committee, and the Music & Public Life series for making this dream a reality.

What: Neo & His Japanese and Snowblink opening for Zammuto
Date: Saturday, March 30
When: 10pm start time
Where: Eclectic Haus, 200 High Street
Cost: Free
Open to non-students?: Yes, but RSVP here

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