Despite Valiant Effort by Wes, Oberlin Wins April Fools Day Forever

Above you’ll find a brand new video interview with Griffin Gallati ’15, fictional ten-year-old astronomy and music major who holds several jobs on campus and is reported to be “one of Wesleyan’s more unique students.” Subtly nestled into Wesleyan’s homepage yesterday, it was a valiant effort—and clearly took an admirable amount of work on the part of whomever Wesleyan pays to feed into student narcissism every weekday with a video camera—but let’s just say Oberlin wins this round, probably forever. Presenting the Oberlin (err, Meowberlin) homepage, as it appeared yesterday, April 1:

Meanwhile in Middletown, the WSA carried out an email prank that was widely regarded as funnier, albeit neither as convincing nor as mean, as last year’s shenanigans. (Unlike last year, no one, to my knowledge, credited this prank with inciting a panic attack.) Check the first tweet below for a screenshot:

Probably the best April Fools joke in Middletown came from the fucking weather itself, but we’d be remiss not to mention that WesWings threw their hat in the ring with the announcement that they’re selling the joint to a pair of vegans. Meanwhile, President Roth announced that the tunnels were being opened for the purposes of health and fitness, because “let’s be weirdly Wesleyan and go underground.” Meh.

We joined in the family-friendly fun too, but we humbly concede that The Wesleyinger does not and cannot compare to last year’s Weasleying. For your benefit, we’ve memorialized that marvelous day below:

Edit: Shout-out to A-Batte for sharing some of the best alumni responses to Wesleyan’s April Fools video. Yes, he does have Facebook in pirate language:

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4 thoughts on “Despite Valiant Effort by Wes, Oberlin Wins April Fools Day Forever

  1. Cameron Dawson

    I’ll admit I fell for the WSA email for two reasons: 1) I always forget April Fools is a thing, and 2) as editor of Unlocked I always have at least four tabs of porn open at all times. If anyone got their internet restricted due to porn, it’d be me.

  2. cats shmats

    uh nah Wes definitely wins for a) subtlety in embedding the video and b) that fucking kid. he killed it.

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