Wesleyan’s New “Daily Dose of Happiness”


My lovely friend Isabella Cucchi ’13 tells me this is the last time she will ever ask me to write a Wesleying post and reminds me of my Wesleying mortality, but then provides a ready remedy for my graduation woes:

Looking for some positive procrastination?

Wesleyan’s new “Daily Dose of Happiness” initiative wants to help you start your days off on the right foot. If you’re interested in receiving a daily positive email, all you have to do is fill out this form. Then, within a few days, you’ll start receiving emails from wesdailydoseofhappiness(at)gmail(dot)com! The emails will be brief and will usually be photos, videos, poems, news articles, recipes, songs, or quotes that we think can help you start your day in a happier way… or at least can help you procrastinate more productively.

Link: Fill out this form.

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