ALERT: Eco Labels Now On Sandwiches

The COE Think Tank wants to make sure you’ve noticed the Eco-Labels that have hit campus sandwiches:

Have you noticed the eco-labels on sandwiches at Weshop, Pi and Usdan Cafes this week?

If everyone in the US ate no meat or cheese for one day a week, it would be like taking 7.6 million cars off the road.

We would be happy to receive your comments and thoughts below.

Here are the labels:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 1.24.45 PMAlso, here’s a graph of the carbon footprint of various foods: PastedGraphic-1



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9 thoughts on “ALERT: Eco Labels Now On Sandwiches

    1. Angel Armstead, cheese fan

      Super informative, thank you. I’m confused by one thing: why are milk and yogurt ok for the environment while cheese is almost as bad as beef and lamb? There must be a good reason, but I didn’t see it in their study.

  1. William Johnston

    Hey there, Lamb farmer’s son. While in college I worked on a high school classmate’s ranch in Wyoming (where I grew up), helping with both the sheep and cattle. I know about docking the lambs, and helped out. So please don’t call them “hippy lies.” You need to remember the sheep grown on the mass-production places. As opposed to the locally grown lamb. Which I assume you represent. Had a chop two nights ago, and don’t feel guilty–came from a local farm. Tasty. On the other hand, I helped design the logos because they paint the big picture more accurately according to the available info. And am happy with that, too. It is a complex world. But let’s talk.

    1. Vegan

      You eating meat and animal products does not do that. Also, that talk has a huge omission error in that it does not address the increase in emissions of methane, a shorter-lived but much more climatically impactful greenhouse gas.

    1. Slaughterhouse Worker

      Dude! Don’t hide behind anonymity! I’m still looking forward to a conversation.

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