Andrus Fence: The Mislaid Barricade

Recently, the infamous Andrus Field fence came up again to mark the beginning of softball baseball season. It was last spotted during football season, its presence forgotten as easily as crushing Hamilton.

But it is back.

This fence stretches the entire length of the field’s sides, making the bottom of Foss Hill only a right angle away from Olin. This causes multiples issues. The fence is too tall to be jumped without some form of difficulty and it contains no gates to pass through. Students are obligated to walk around the fence to get to Usdan, a considerable detour.

The least the fence overseers could do is put in a gate or some way to get through the fence. And before someone makes a retort about laziness, let me remind you of how kind the weather is being to Middletown. The winds are bone-chilling and the temperature stuck on repeat since December. I’d like to spend the least amount of time outside when I walk from Point A to Point B.

So, if anyone reading this can help, please do.

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33 thoughts on “Andrus Fence: The Mislaid Barricade

  1. Disappointed

    I am truly disappointed that this is a featured post (or post at all) on Wesleying. It is embarrassing to me that we feel it necessary to complain about the hardship of walking an extra minute or two it takes to go around a fence. What a ridiculous first world issue. I have no sympathy because anyone must spend more time being outdoors exercising his or herself in the gorgeous campus that we all call home. Sadly, this post just embodies the paragon of entitled laziness that is America. We as Wesleyan students need to hold ourselves to higher standards than complaints such as this. In addition, why not take the time to try to appreciate what baseball brings to our school and community the next time there is a home game on a nice day. It is a pleasure to watch our team compete alongside fellow students and fans while sitting on foss, and, likewise, it is a pleasure to have a well-maintained, healthy, green field in the middle of our campus that may be used for the game.

    Get over yourself, and, please, think before you post next time.

    1. She's not even american

      though I have no problem, with the fence, I just think it’s funny that you’re calling her our for being a lazy American, when I’m pretty sure she is from Iran /Jordan

  2. wesbiker

    Wow. I can’t believe Wesleying is posting this kind of drivel. Obviously the field needs a fence, for reasons already detailed by other people. Not to mention that nobody cares about you having to walk an extra thirty seconds. Get over yourself.

  3. pyrotechnics

    I just had a meeting with CFO John Meerts, who told me that the athletic field maintenance costs rose by $100,000 this year due to people walking across the fields. He mentioned Andrus and Jackson as the particular culprits.

    So yeah, you might want to walk around.

  4. Baseball Player

    First of all it’s baseball not softball. Have a little respect for the sport. Second of all Dresser Diamond is the oldest baseball field still in use today in America. It’s true…look it up. Is this post suggesting to cut the baseball program? We have a baseball team, the team needs a field, the field needs a fence. It’s that simple. And the red overhang on the fence is also necessary because it helps umpires distinguish between ground rule doubles and home runs because it can be difficult to tell with a see-thru fence. I think this post is stupid. The fence is necessary. Either learn to hop a fence or walk for an extra two minutes.

  5. Seriously?

    This really should not be a featured post… It’s also baffling that the author confused baseball and softball. Are you that stoned?

    1. goatmilk

      I’m 5 feet tall and frequently carry a heavy backpack. Maybe not so hard for Big Man on Campus, but think of the little people. And the disrupted chi of Andrus.

      1. anon

        I’m about that height and have no trouble getting over the fence. Ask someone to show you how to climb over a fence. If you’re really struggling take your backpack off and drop it on the other side first.

  6. Not PSAFE

    You have 3 options:

    1) Put up with it.
    2) Tear it down using your misdirect hate for the establishment as motivation.

    3) Get a little better at jumping fences. Seriously I thought someone with this much distain for authority to be a little better at jumping fences.

  7. Maybe?

    Students traversing the field under adverse conditions (esp rain) damage the turf and compact the soil, turning the field into a poorly drained mud hole. Gates would concentrate foot traffic considerably, exacerbating this problem. Perhaps forcing you to walk around while baseball is in season is exactly the point?

  8. Just a guess

    students traversing the field under adverse weather conditions (esp wet weather) damage the turf and compact the soil, turning it into a poorly-drained mud hole. Gates would concentrate foot traffic considerably. Perhaps preventing you from crossing the field while baseball is in season is exactly the point?

    1. dumb

      the field has been walked on for centuries. if it was gonna compact, it’s already done so. it does not compact infinitely, therefore your point is cute but invalid not to mention scientifically inaccurate.

      1. Just a guess

        But I think it’s important to consider how walking paths have changed over time. Usdan and Clark as a frosh dorm have certainly changed how and where students travel across campus. I know it’s an untested idea, but I’d appreciate it if you weren’t so dismissive. Any baseball players wanna weigh in?

        1. alum

          see the path across Foss Hill? the one where no grass grows because everyone uses it to get from Hewitt to the Church St. part of campus? probably not a good idea to have one of those across a baseball field…

          1. Yo

            That path didn’t used to be so prominent / permanent. It was just some trampled grass before they cut the thing two or three years ago.

  9. goatmilk

    Seconded. Not to mention it’s an eyesore because of that stupid graffiti-stained tarp on it.

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