Mindfulness Carnival

Present Awareness

Ali Patrick ’13 of the Peer Health Advocates wants you to climb out onto a cliff overlooking the ocean and meditate:

Come learn about how you can use mindfulness and positive thinking to reduce stress and increase wellbeing! Hosted by WesWell & the Peer Health Advocates the mindfulness carnival will have activities on massage, gratitude, sleep, yoga, expressive writing and more!

The centerpiece of the event will include several activities on biofeedback, including a EEG-controlled tower brought to life by our very own Zach Valenti ’12. The technology allow users to levitate a model of planet earth by entering into a relaxed state. Participants will be coached through a relaxation exercise which will help them levitate the earth and which they can use for future stress reduction.
Date: Thursday, April 4
Time: 11:30-1:30pm (but play with the EEG Tower 11-6pm!)
Place: First floor of Usdan
Cost: Free!
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