Filmmaker Sun-Higginson ’10 Tackles Sexism in the Gaming Industry

From Shannon Sun-Higginson ’10, a message to all the sexist gamers out there: GTFO.

Sun-Higginson, a filmmaker living in NYC, is currently producing a documentary by that very name.  Featuring interviews with gamers, bloggers, scholars, developers, and others involved in the field, “GTFO” aims to expose the harassment of women involved in the gaming industry. To raise money and support for the film’s production, Sun-Higginson has launched a Kickstarter page that will be up through May 10.

Sexual harassment is a rampant problem in the gaming world – one that’s been gaining attention in the news lately.  There has been some pretty impressive backlash online against this sexism, but Sun-Higginson hopes her film will call even more attention to the problem and ultimately spark some change.

Watch the trailer after the jump:

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3 thoughts on “Filmmaker Sun-Higginson ’10 Tackles Sexism in the Gaming Industry

    1. Frozen_Blitz

      Because Anita Sarkeesian thinks that just because a female character can be put into a trope that makes it sexist. She states her dislike of damsels like princess peach. HIGHLY VALID! But then slams the character protrayal of Anya stroud from gears of war for being a male disguised as a female character. I don’t know if she is ignorant of the character or just that bad. Anya in gears started as mission control in the first 2 games and then when the government and military broke down she joined with the soldiers and fights with them. She is not sexualized, Not portrayed as weaker in any way, And still does not scream and curse like a bro dude and tried to keep the main character held together (emotionally). Not in a wishy washy way either. She is a female who is a soldier and Anita Sarkeesian is against her.

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