In Store for a New Pair of Undies?


SART Intern Rachel Verner ’15 wants you to look good for Undies in Olin to make your conversations about consent a little sexier:

Let your laundry pile grow a little while longer with a few extra pairs of underwear. And even better, help promote sexual consent while you rock your new duds. All underwear are marked with the logo “assk” to remind you both to seek and give consent, and proceeds will be going towards sexual violence prevention. There are 5 styles options, and 3 colour choices for each. Once the shipment comes in, we will have Iron-On Transfer Stations where you can personalize your underwear with your own phrases of consent.

Order here by April 9th!

Cost: $10/pair or 3 paris for $25Payments can be made to Rachel Verner ’15 (SART Intern), Christian Hosam ’15 (Dwight Greene Intern), and Katy Thompson ’15 (QRC Intern).

Keep an eye on the Facebook Event for details on where and when we’ll be collecting money. All underwear is a product of American Apparel Wholesale.

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2 thoughts on “In Store for a New Pair of Undies?

  1. Consent Crew

    Unfortunately, we received word from the manufacturer yesterday (after this post went up) that some of the colours they originally promised are no longer available. We’ll keep you posted if anything changes, but for now we’ve just got to work with what they have.

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