What Is Hip Hop at Wes?

David Stouck ’15 writes:

This weekend, a group of 30 Wesleyan students will be led by Izzy Coleman ’15 and David Stouck ’15 to the 8th Annual International Hip Hop Festival at Trinity College. Student representatives will be competing in the international B-Boy battle on Friday night, and closing the Rap Showcase on Saturday. The theme of this year’s festival is the “Local as Global Video Project,” which has garnered submissions from around the globe detailing what hip hop means to individuals and their communities. This video portrays what hip hop means to the student body at Wesleyan… Shout out to all of our interviewees!!

Video Credits:

  • Producer: David Stouck ’15
  • Director: Will Slap ’15
  • Director of Photography: Rizky Rahadianto ’15
  • Editor: Reid Hildebrand ’15
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