A Hallway Play

Hallway Play

Oh man. Cameron Couch ’13 wrote a play and it’s fucking weird. Here’s why you should come see it!

Does the name Cheryl resonate with you, perhaps make you happy? What about discussions about sex with old men? Gongs? Whatever your response (remember that Wesleyan is a judgement-free zone), come check out A Hallway Play, an experimental piece about miscommunication and the ubiquity of life’s mishaps. Yes, it does partially take place in a hallway. Yes, it will be awesome.

Sarah Burkett ’14
Megan Cash ’14
Lu Corporan ’13
Sandy Durosier ’13
Justin Greene ’16
Laura Hess ’16
Marianna Ilagan ’15
Leah Khambata ’14
Ross Levin ’15
Afi Tettey-Fio ’13

Produced by:
Cameron Couch ’13
Lu Corporan ’13
Becca Fredrick ’14

Written by:
Cameron Couch ’13

Dates: Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6
Times: 7 pm both days
Place: 41 Wyllys (1st floor hallway)
Cost: Free!
Facebook: Right hurrrrrr
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