Harlem Shake Wesleyan-Style

Update: This event has been postponed for reasons explained in the comments section.

Katey Spinner ’15 invites you to Foss:

Here’s what’s going to happen (you know the drill)- a few people will be dancing, then cut to all of us dancing NAKED (or in underwear whatevs) or wearing something brightly colored. ok cool wesleyan style.

Date:Today, April 5
Time:3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.
Place: Foss Hill
Facebook: Event link

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12 thoughts on “Harlem Shake Wesleyan-Style

  1. Adrian Cooke

    Good call to postpone. Also: an unauthorized use of my spectacular photo of Foss.

  2. Batte_A

    I’m glad this didn’t end up happening during Noah’s memorial, but if this goes forward at a later date, I really think that the organizers (and participants, of course) should take the cultural appropriation issue seriously. That doesn’t necessarily mean canceling it, but that definitely doesn’t mean watching one of the YouTube links I’m about to post, nodding your head sagely, and then doing exactly what you were going to do before.



  3. unaffiliated

    why are people hating? dont like it, dont come. but if you do like it……………………………………………………..come hard.

    1. some answers

      people are hating because a) the trend is old b) it is pretty much common knowledge at this point that the ‘Harlem shake’ is a bastardization of an actual cultural movement and c) because its a little more than inappropriate to interrupt a memorial service with this raucous party jam. I’m pretty sure the sound would make to the chapel. if you’re even going to do this, just postpone.

    2. Alumni '95

      Um, since the goal is to put together a “Wesleyan” Harlem Shake video.

      Which is embarrassing for everyone who is going / has gone to Wesleyan.


  4. what

    you will embarrass the entire school if you make one of these now. seriously cancel this shit.

  5. PissedOff2013

    There is a memorial going on at 3:30 at Memorial Chapel. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!?!!?

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