The ACB is a Cesspool

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In case you didn’t have time to peruse the ACB yesterday, I’ll sum it up for you.

M4M: horny n lonely 2nite

which class is easier? dance or art? looking 4 the least amount of work possible

i saw you walk into usdan today. you are so beautiful omg pls talk to me pls

why wont u text me anymore i hate u

M4F: looking 4 a hot girl to just “hang out” maybe more idk

our relationship was bullshit im glad we broke up dick

sluts: everywhere omg no one likes you if you have small tits so stop being sluts

lost my iphone at psi u it is white and bedazzled with rhinestones and says rho ep on it

M4M: only elite gays pls

thank god psafe isn’t including race in the reports anymore!!! justice has been served!!!!!

My only hope is that one day the ACB will be full of the enlightened minds on campus rather than the sordid thoughts they produce.

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12 thoughts on “The ACB is a Cesspool

  1. freshers

    0/2 on posts. First the useless one about the fence, now this one about the acb. For someone who claims to denounce the acb, I find it rather ironic that you’d take the time to write about it on Wesleying. Stop posting stuff that nobody cares about in an attempt to be “opinionated”. You probably only post on Wesleying to feel cool and to be “opinionated” I bet you spend more time telling people all about how you blog for Wesleying than actually writing worthwhile posts.

  2. idiots

    everyone needs to calm the fuck down. if you don’t like the posts, that’s fine, but until you become a wesleying blogger don’t expect to control the posts

  3. anon

    This is not news. This is not interesting. This is the most pointless Wesleying post I have ever seen, even more pointless than the fence one. If I wanted to see what was on the ACB, I would go to the ACB. Not Wesleying, where I go for campus news and sometimes random interesting stuff.

  4. fuck the fence

    please leave the acb on the acb, which is where it belongs. by ‘reporting’ on it as a point of interest, you are just inflicting that shiiii on the rest of us

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