Costume Shop Job Opportunity

Is fashion your passion? Can you figure out what sort of theatrical production people are putting on just from the costumes they’re requesting? Do you like puppets? The Costume Shop has the perfect gig for you:

The Wesleyan Costume Shop is hiring!Do you love to sew? Do you need a job? Then apply to work at Wesleyan’s costume shop!Student employees will work to create costumes for theater and dance department productions. This will not only include sewing, but also other types of crafting – this year we have dyed fabric, made masks and puppets, and refurbished antique Javanese hats. Each worker also spends a portion of their weekly hours working in the costume collection. Responsibilities in the collection include checking out costumes to customers, sending costumes out for dry cleaning, and keeping track of student charges.

Skill Requirements:
-Basic sewing skills or better
– Organizational Ability
-Time ManagementInterested parties should email the Costume Shop Manager, Christian Milik (cmilik(at)wes) by Friday, April 19th. You do not need to be work-study or a theater major to apply for this position!Thanks!

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