Coyne ’13 and Schleiff ’14 Produce Two New Music Videos for Bostick ’13

This happens in one of the videos.

Fresh off the success of their Athenian-centric video for Grand Cousin, Jack Coyne ’13 and Sidney Sclheiff ’14 are back with not one, but two visuals for Dreamhost, the chillwavey side project of Dylan Bostick ’13.

The first video, for the Dreamhost song “Pools,” was shot in Costa Rica and features some pretty excellent clouds over a gorgeous valley/crater/mountainous landscape. In the words of Coyne, “The visuals were inspired by drunken nights in weird parts of Eclectic and all things Hawaiian punch.”

The second video, for the song “Me Too,” features Zach Carlson ’14 and a barren night carnival. Coyne calls it a video “for all you people looking to get your funny bone tickled.” There’s some great fucking shots in this one. Sam Arras ’13 drives the truck and produced the video, according to the Vimeo description. And if you look closely, there’s a cameo from Dreamhost himself. If you find it, you got a good eye.

For more Dreamhost, check out his BandCamp page or this funny post A-Batte did when his last album dropped.

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