Teagle Panel: What Is Writing Good For?

From Teagle Fellow Kate Thorpe ’06 (via the Writing Workshop blog):

Come to Downey this Tuesday to hear Professors Stephanie Weiner (English)Jan Naegele (NS&B), and Peter Gottschalk (Religion) discuss how mastery of certain writing techniques can be important in jobs and internships beyond Wesleyan.

Alumni in any number of professions, from law to engineering to medicine, tell us how important the writing skills they learned at Wesleyan have been as they’ve advanced in their careers. But just how can your paper on the symbolic resonance of garbage in Dickens’ Our Mutual Friend or your essay on how a Greek verb changed global Christianity help you excel in a professional career outside of academia?

This panel is part of a grant-funded initiative to support the teaching of writing at Wesleyan, and all three speakers have participated in a weekly faculty seminar to discuss strategies for teaching writing across the curriculum.

Date: Tuesday, April 16th
Time: 4:15 p.m.
Place: Downey 113

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