WesCycle Meeting and Training


Have you seen these cool generators? They harness the power of your legs peddling a bike to create electricity for great things like concerts or smoothie stands.  Wow! No more fossil fuels, no more cellulite and more music for all! WesCycle is the student group in charge of set up and maintenance of the bike generators.  There will be an interest meeting/ training this Sunday at 3:30 pm at the College of the Environment (284 High st.  Blue building).  We have a lot of upcoming events that will need volunteers to get involved.  So do it for the Earth, or at least do it so you get nice, strong bod. For more info contact Rachel Lindy ’15 (rlindy[at]wes) or Katy Hardt ’15 (khardt[at]wes).

Date: Sunday, April 14
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Place: College of the Environment

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