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Stethoscope [Gently] Presses You to Help ’em Publish

Wesleyan’s Stethoscope Press has brought you entirely student-published literature, artwork, and appropriate Wesleying post images for more than a year and a half now. Piers Gelly ’13 hopes you’ll give back:

Stethoscope is doing a fundraiser to pull together some last minute funds! Our books are mostly written and about to go to print, but we’re a few dollars short.

We’ll also be doing a bake/d sale at Zonker Harris Day.

With a description this succinct, what’s not to love? …the description, you say? Ugh, rude. Here’s a little more, from the Indiegogo site:

Each year, we select several writers who work one-on-one with an editor to produce a book of original work. This year, we’re printing five books: a novella, a collection of poems, two collections of short stories, and a book of essays. […]

Please consider donating to Stethoscope! Any amount, however small, means a lot. It costs $4.40 to print one copy of any one book, so by donating just $10, you’ll be funding two whole books. For $22, you’ll be supporting one copy each of all five books.

We are offering some great rewards for donations. Take a look!

Show your support to Stethoscope by next Monday, Aprill 22, if you’d like to help out.

Volunteer for Waste Not during Senior Week + R&C

Look at this stuff. Isn't it neat? Wouldn't you think my collection's complete?

Sustainability intern Rebecca Sokol ’15 offers you an opportunity to be on campus this senior week to take advantage of all the Wescam requests you’ll receive:

Want to stick around for Senior Week? Want to celebrate Reunion & Commencement? Apply to volunteer for WasteNot!

WasteNot is Wesleyan’s student-organized answer to the Spring semester student evacuation.  It is run and maintained entirely through the commitment of the Wesleyan community, and truly exemplifies the incredible power in reusing.  Fourteen volunteers, working about 5 hours each day from 5/18 – 5/27, will help facilitate clothing and furniture collection in preparation for the Fall Tag Sale. To apply, email wesustainability(eat)gmail(deat)com with your response to the question: “Why is Waste Not! important for the Wesleyan community?”

Deadline: April 19
Contact: Email wesustainability(oat)gmail(doat)com or visit our website.

Split Estate Film Screening and Fracking Discussion

Climate Ambassadors, Wesleyan’s hot new climate justice group, is heating up the campus faster than greenhouse gas emissions are heating up the planet:

Climate Ambassadors is hosting a screening of Split Estate followed by a discussion with State RepresentativeMatt Lesser ’07 and Ariana Shapiro, an anti-fracking activist who has organized civil disobedience demonstrations against the natural gas industry in upstate New York.

Come to learn about and discuss the issues of hydro-fracking on a state and national scale, as well as how Wesleyan is complicit in this unjust industry.

Date: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 8:00 p.m.
Place: Downey House 113
Facebook: Link

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The Moral Path: Five Steps Towards (real) Educational Equity in Connecticut

From Andy Ribner ’13:

Jacob Werblow, Ph.D., began his professional career as a 6th grade teacher of some of the most beautiful children enrolled in one of the largest, most segregated public schools in Los Angeles. Since then, he has been committed to social justice through working with youth from urban schools. He is a licensed teacher and administrator, and earned his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon in 2007. Inspired by the work of Dr. Barbara Clark, who studied aesthetic education at Harvard University, Jacob is deeply involved in teaching courses that use the arts to engage students in local middle schools.

The emphasis of Jacob’s research focuses on school equity and effectiveness, student success, and curriculum based measurement.

Jacob is an advisor to the CT Center for Nonviolence, a board member of CT NAME (National Association of Multicultural Educators), and a member of the American Educational Research Association (AERA). He rides his bicycle to work.

Date: Tomorrow, April 16
Time: 4:30 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Place: PAC 001
Cost: Free

Rubicon Project Information Session


From the Career Center’s Jennifer Healy:

Interested in advertising and digital technology? Join Todd Keats ’11
as his discusses The Rubicon Project.

The Rubicon Project is the leading technology company automating the
buying and selling of advertising globally. REVV, the industry’s
largest independent technology platform, is used by more than 500 of
the world’s premium publishers to transact with more than 100,000
advertisers across a massive marketplace that powers more than 180
billion ad trades per month.

They work with comScore 500 publishers including Time Inc., Wall
Street Journal, The Tribune Company, Virgin Media, News International,
The Times of India, and Electronic Arts.

The company is hiring in several areas. Be sure to attend the session
to learn more!

Date: Today, April 15
Time: 6 P.M.
Place: Olson Commons, Career Center

Israeli Independence Day @ Wes

wes israel independence day flyerEmma Golub ’16 invites you to an Israeli Independence Day celebration:

Aight my Jewish and non- Jewish homies,

Israel is gettin’ old and we at Wes United with Israel are happy about
that. We’ve got some crazy shenanigans planned, namely:

The Falafel Truck
Israeli music
High class Jewish/Israeli entertainment

and more.

However you feel about Israel, we would love to see you stop by for
food and a good time!


Date: Monday, April 15
Time: 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Place: Usdan Courtyard
Cost: Bring $ for falafel!

The Future of Television: Networks, Content and Delivery

UVL13133_VossVisitingScholarsPoster_0304_smj.inddIt’s the VOSS VISITING SCHOLAR LECTURE *bom bom bom bom*:

Join Tom Rogers ’76, P’14 and Henry Schleiff P’14 for a panel discussion on the business of television. Smart boxes, streaming, and social TV have changed how we watch, while traditional television advertising and cable subscription models are in flux. How will producers fund content in the future, and how will consumers watch it? These top executives will discuss the changing landscape of television. Moderated by Andrea McCarty, Charles W. Fries curator of the Wesleyan Cinema Archives.

Date: Today, April 15th
Time: 8pm
Place: Center for Film Studies
Cost: Free

It’s 4:20, Make Some Music for Awesomefest

Yo, don’t front like you weren’t wondering if this was gonna even happen this year (too bad for PNK@DKE…). Dyl Bossy ’13 sends in word of this storied event one last time:


Awesomefest is back with
14 all new bands.
2 stages.
1 night.
1 MC.
??? judges.
1 winner.
1 prize:
1 pizza party.
? fame.

First 14 bands to submit a band name, demo, band members, and stage set-up to teamauralwes(a)gmail(do)com get to play.


Date: May 3, 2013
Time: 9 PM – 1 AM
Place: Historical Eclecticism Society, 200 High St.
Zuckerbook: Zuck Away