Breaking: Two Explosions, “Dozens” of Serious Injuries Reported at Finish Line of Boston Marathon

According to the New York Times, Boston Globe, and just about any other major media outlet, there has been a major explosion at the finish line of the Boston Marathon this afternoon. BloombergTV has a live feed of the scene. From the New York Times:

The Associated Press reported that the authorities were helping injured runners leave the scene and bloody spectators were being carried to a medical tent that was being used for runners.

The A.P. said that a loud explosion was heard on the north side of Boylston Street, near a photo bridge that marks the finish line. Another explosion was heard several seconds later.

Details are slowly emerging, but journalists and witnesses are reporting major injuries and possible casualties on social media. (Warning: Some of the images are graphic.) (Update: the Boston Police Department is reporting two deaths and 23 injuries from the blast. A third explosion was heard just before 4 p.m. President Obama is being briefed, and security is being increased at nearby hotels and “prominent locations in New York.”)

On the NESCAC side of things, dozens of Tufts students participate in the Marathon each year. The ‘Cac is reporting that all Tufts runners are safe and accounted for:

Wesleying isn’t a national news blog, so this won’t be the place to look for live updates or coverage. But since lots of Wesleyan students and alums have connections to the Boston area, this hits close to home. Now is a good time to call your friends, call your parents, or (if you’re in Boston) let people know that you’re okay. (Keep in mind that the phone lines are likely jammed, so make use of email or social media if you can.)

Update: Here’s some immediately useful stuff right now. Google has set up a “Google Person Finder” specifically for the Boston bombing. Link here. The Atlantic Wire has a useful guide to the “Best Ways to Contact Loved Ones” in Boston right now. (Cellphone service companies say that service has not been deactivated in Boston, but it seems to be overwhelmed right now.) Both CBS News and CNN are referring to this bombing as a terrorist attack, although information is scant and no suspect is in custody at this moment (despite inaccurate claims by the New York Post).

The White House has confirmed that President Obama will make a statement at around 6:10 p.m.

For updates on the situation at Tufts, use the #TuftsRunners hashtag:

Another update: Obama will be speaking at 6:10. Here’s a link to the livefeed.

Here’s video of President Obama’s remarks:

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