Israeli Independence Day @ Wes

wes israel independence day flyerEmma Golub ’16 invites you to an Israeli Independence Day celebration:

Aight my Jewish and non- Jewish homies,

Israel is gettin’ old and we at Wes United with Israel are happy about
that. We’ve got some crazy shenanigans planned, namely:

The Falafel Truck
Israeli music
High class Jewish/Israeli entertainment

and more.

However you feel about Israel, we would love to see you stop by for
food and a good time!


Date: Monday, April 15
Time: 4:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Place: Usdan Courtyard
Cost: Bring $ for falafel!

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9 thoughts on “Israeli Independence Day @ Wes

  1. Kelly

    i love high class jewish entertainment

    i hate when i listen to hip hop and am forced to associate myself with all those poor people… they remind me too much of the palestinians

    1. Rebecca Markell

      actually, independence from the British mandate (which was earlier approved by UN vote). before that, it was the ottoman empire. yay knowledge of history!

      1. dumb

        lol palestine was under the british mandate. not israel. you are literally celebrating the giving of palestine to the zionist israelis, not “israeli independence” you guys were never a colony. the arabs were. and still are. so save your snark and correct your ignorance

        1. Rebecca Markell

          The name Palestine actually comes from the Philistines. The Ottomans then (much later) kept the term as the name of the province when they ruled there for 400 years. At the time of the mandate, the name “Palestinians” was used to refer to all inhabitants of the land — both Jews and Arabs. All of the people who lived in the area, again, both Jews and Arabs, were under British rule at the time of the mandate. Once the UN voted in November of 1947 to give the Jews their own state (after a plan proposed to partition the region between the Jews and Arabs living there was accepted by the Jews and rejected by the Arabs — the British White Paper of 1939), the Jews elected to rename their country Israel, not especially wanting to be named after the ancient Philistines to whom they had no relation. Not at all saying that there shouldn’t be a Palestinian state in the future — just that this history is pretty important to understand if you want to try to discuss the issues.

    2. RJ

      Your name describes you very accurately. I’m proud of you, at least you can get your name correct

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