Take a Short Survey on the Upcoming WSA Elections


Matt Motta ’13 wants information from you about your opinions on a certain popular campus organization that happens to have an acronym progressing antialphabetically for three letters:

Wesleyan students are, by and large, a politically informed and politically active group, but does that interest extend to our campus political processes and organizations? With WSA presidential elections fast approaching, we thought it would be a great opportunity to gauge the level of interest on campus for the elections and student politics in general with a short poll. We appreciate the input, and it will only take three minutes to complete! Relevant results will be published (form – TBA) upon completion!


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2 thoughts on “Take a Short Survey on the Upcoming WSA Elections

  1. raised eyebrows

    I love what you’re doing with this, Matt, but I’m unsure of what the motivation behind this is—is this at all affiliated with the WSA, with certain members, or is it independent entirely? You don’t clarify who exactly the “we” is in your statement. There have been some issues with information opacity in WSA elections in past years, and if this is somehow associated or shared with either campaign or the WSA in general, that ought to be noted. Otherwise, you’re a pollstering champ.

    1. Matt

      thanks! this is an independent project – I actually just copied/edited that language from a previous statement where “we” was actually a “we.” i’m providing the relevant results to the argus next week!

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