“Why Wesleyan?” Forum Tonight

President Roth at a forum last Fall.

Andrew Trexler ’14 and Michael “President” Roth ’78 want to know what on Earth you’re doing here.  Want to let them know? Your chance is tonight.

“As an elite liberal arts institution, Wesleyan can often look very similar to its peers (whoever they are). And yet, we at Wesleyan generally believe that Wes is unique, is the best. What is it that distinguishes us from our peer schools? What are our comparative strengths, and what are our comparative weaknesses? In other words, why Wesleyan? And how can we improve?” We hope that you can join us and give your recommendation for Wesleyan’s future.

Attendance at events like these proves to administrators that students care and want to have a voice.  So if you have the chance, prove it.

Date: Tuesday, April 16
Time: 7:00PM
Place: PAC 002

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6 thoughts on ““Why Wesleyan?” Forum Tonight

  1. Alum

    Would love to see multiple methods to get this input – electronic, for example, or sessions that are facilitated by students or alum without admin present, but then reviewed by decision-makers.

  2. Anon

    Non attendance can also prove that students know forums like these are shallow substitutes for actually having control over the decisions that affect our lives at Wesleyan

    1. Andrew Trexler

      Yep, what you say is totally true. But it used to be that President Roth and other administrators only heard student opinions from WSA people, or through the occasional angry email from a student or group. Really, most of the time, student opinion was not heard at all until after a decision had been made. I’m trying to do what I can to change that, and I think that this is one small step in the right direction. You can disagree with that, or you can say “that’s not enough” (which, again, is valid), but I think that it is infinitely valuable that President Roth be brought into a room full of students to hear our express opinions on what Wesleyan should look like in twenty years.

      You are right that President Roth does not need to act on them, but it is my belief that it is better for him to at least be aware of our actual opinions than trying to imagine them over in South College.

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