Girl#$wag Takes the Crown at Battle of the Bands, Will Open Spring Fling

Not pictured: Girl#$wag. Sorry.

Last night at Eclectic, seven Wesleyan bands kept the crowd raging and vibing for almost three straight hours. The bands performed in the following order: Girl#$wag, Molly Rocket and the Crooks, O Presidente, The Japanese, Robert’s Don, Grand Cousin, and Treasure Island.

Girl#$wag began the show at around 9:30 p.m. to a large crowd of fist-pumpers and ragers. A bit more mellow acts followed after, but still maintained a vibrant crowd throughout. I ran away from the mosh pits that formed during The Japanese’s performance.

After a slow but incredible performance from Robert’s Don, things took a turn as established campus acts Grand Cousin and Treasure Island got the crowd jumping for every second.

If you don’t know already, the winning band gets to perform as the opener for Spring Fling. The thirteen-some judges stayed for the entirety of the show and deliberated afterwards which band would take the prize. (Disclosure: This blogger was among them.) After considering many different criteria, such as which band would translate well outdoors, get people dancing, excite the crowd for the rest of the concert, and more, the judges, myself including, held a vote and Girl#$wag came out on top.

Interestingly enough, this was the band’s first show ever, which definitely speaks to their potential. Moreover, the band’s lead singer Emma Daniels ’13, also of Blooming Youth, is without a doubt going to add that female flair Ally Bernstein ’13 and others were looking for.

A few of the bands will be performing again tomorrow for WestCo’s Zonker Harris Day music fest, so check them out.

Here are some photos from the night (I apologize for the wack quality and disproportionate number of photos for each band):

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14 thoughts on “Girl#$wag Takes the Crown at Battle of the Bands, Will Open Spring Fling

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  5. Judge

    If we picked The Japanese, people would have complained.

    If we picked O Presidente, people would have complained.

    If we picked Grand Cousin, people would have complained.

    We picked Girl#$wag, people complained.

    Every single band was awesome, they are all incredibly talented musicians and they all put on great shows. We had a judicious conversation afterwards with a very simple vote. This was the result.

    Shut the fuck up and support your peers, we’re all going to have a blast on May 9th.

    1. Commenters like you...

      make me fear for the future of hateful trolls on Wesleying. What a totally uncreative rude comment.

    1. Um

      I would have much preferred to see any of the other bands that performed instead of a second rate, derivative pop act that was chosen in part because they have a girl in the band. It’s even more of a joke given what a misogynist their drummer is.

      1. Old Straw Frog

        What a hilariously poor complaint. DERIVATIVE?! At WESLEYAN?! Why like any of the bands at this school then????

        Seriously, derivative of what actually? Top 40 music? So because it’s derivative of the current, most popular music in the country it’s worse than Grandcousin clearly being “derivative” of Led Zeppelin or Jeff Buckley? Or O Presidente being “derivative” of the chord changes that existed since the 60’s and a DIY ethos that’s more recent but far from unique? Or Treasure Island being derivate of… well let’s not even start with that.

        As for second rate, that’s just like your opinion, man. I considered most of the other bands to be much closer to “second rate” stylistic derivatives. Yes, their drummer is a misogynist and does not need his ego inflated, but that wasn’t a part of the judging criteria. Maybe we should have taken more advice from your caustic ass, but I doubt that would have accomplished much.

        Girl Swag was awesome, Grand Cousin was awesome, The Japanese were fucking incredible. Sometimes bands that play amazing shows become losers nevertheless at events like this. I hope you weren’t in one of those bands, you have nothing to hang your head about except for a stupid Wesleying post.

      2. Girl with swag

        to “UM” did you SEE Girl#$wag play? Just asking. And stop blaming it on the girls!!!!

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