Liveblog: WSA Presidential Debate

Greetings from Usdan. The esteemed BZOD and I are awaiting the start of the annual WSA Presidential Debate, featuring presidential candidates Mari Jarris ’14, Nicole Updegrove ’14, and Keith Conway ’16 (each of whom you’ll get to know more when we publish a group interview with the candidates in a few days). As I write this, BZOD is shamelessly fraternizing with the candidates, who are all smiling in a most political manner. We’re hoping to continue a tradition started by the great frostedmoose several years ago, though we can’t expect to match his poetic fervor or unparalleled wit. We can only hope he’s following along somewhere shaking his head furiously and deliriously throwing cat memes at a wall.

Apparently this debate is livestreaming somewhere, but I don’t have time to find the link because it’s about to start. If you care enough to livestream it, you’re probably here in Usdan anyway.

Liveblog entries appear after the jump.

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10 thoughts on “Liveblog: WSA Presidential Debate

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  3. 12 Days of Christmas

    Really biased blogging, kind of embarrassing that Wesleying can’t even find impartial bloggers for something as “important” as the WSA election…

  4. Wow

    One of the more un-informative, pretentious live blogs i’ve read. BZOG and Zach are both awful, and its embarrassing that they think they are funny.

  5. Love the irony

    Uh-oh! Looks like you can’t point out how much of a tool/poor blogger Zach is without getting moderated.

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