The Wesleyan Consent Pledge

Andrew Trexler ’14 writes in on a subject that has been unfortunately relevant on campus in recent weeks and months:

To the Wesleyan community:

As you are all (hopefully) aware, sexual violence continues in our community with a tragic and alarming frequency. In an effort to promote awareness of the importance of consent, we have launched what we are calling the Wesleyan Consent Pledge. The pledge is simple:

“I pledge to actively seek and obtain legitimate consent with any and all partners, to look after the safety and well-being of my peers, and to actively combat a culture of rape acceptance in my community.”

To date, over 500 Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff have taken the pledge. We hope that every member of our community will take the pledge soon, and we hope that all will keep the pledge indefinitely.

I hope that you will join me in taking the Wesleyan Consent Pledge here.

Together, we can eliminate sexual violence in our community.

Here’s the link to the pledge.

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