#ThisIsHigh: Students “Choose to Protest Existing Marijuana Laws,” P-Safe Protests Students Protesting Existing Marijuana Laws

Using photoshopped Michael Roth ’78 heads to avoid incriminating students definitely hasn’t gotten old yet, right?

For the fifth or tenth or maybe even twentieth year in a row, hundreds of students gathered on Foss Hill at 4:20 on April 20 to submerge the Middletown skyline in a sea of smoke as potent as any since the Grateful Dead serenaded Foss in 1970. Only this time Dean Rick Culliton gave the practice a name. He called it “protesting existing marijuana laws.” Did you have a civically engaged weekend?

Leave it to students to give it a hashtag:

Once again, the weather was quite a bit friendlier to 4/20 than it’s been to Spring Fling in recent years, and members of Public Safety harshed some students’ mellow by tramping around with video cameras and stamping out joints left and right. By one estimate, about 20 or 25 students were documented over the course of the festivities. Director of Public Safety Dave Meyer joined in on the enforcement side of things for his last ever 4/20 at Wesleyan. (Got to live it up while you still can.) Adding to the fun was a bake(d) sale by editors of Stethoscope Press, raising money to print their latest batch of student-produced books.

Finally, in case you missed it, here’s video footage of hundreds of students stampeding the hill for 60 pizza pies. The pizzas were provided as a launch event for texts.com, the latest venture of Peter Frank ’12.

Photo gallery below by me, Samira, goatmilk and Mita AD ’13. We’ve tried to avoid posting any sort of incriminating evidence—you’d be surprised how many students on the hill weren’t even smoking at all—but if there’s a photo of you and you object to it, email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org and let us know.

Video: Rush on Pizza 4/20
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5 thoughts on “#ThisIsHigh: Students “Choose to Protest Existing Marijuana Laws,” P-Safe Protests Students Protesting Existing Marijuana Laws

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  4. Alum '11

    It’s not even the 5th one in a row – in 2009 the weather on 4/20 was a torrential downpour. Instead of hundreds of students out, probably 50 of the most dedicated, um, protesters gathered on foss. Everyone stood shoulder to shoulder in small circles and hotboxed umbrellas (as much as is possible).

    It was awesome but it wasn’t hundreds of people.

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