By the Numbers – Today (Tuesday) at Noon


By the Numbers is a seminar series sponsored by the Quantitative Analysis Center showcasing student research in the social sciences. This is a forum for students to present ongoing research and receive feedback from students and faculty. If you have done research, are currently doing research, or are just interested in learning more about contemporary topics in the social sciences, we hope to see you there!

Presentations will be by Eric Stephen ’13 and Catherine Doren ’13. Pizza will be provided. More details after the jump: 

Eric Stephen

Shamanism in the Russian republic of Buryatia has reemerged as an important indigenous religious tradition since the fall of the Soviet Union, an officially atheist state, in 1991. Survey data collected in 2012 at sites of Buryat shamanic rituals is used to analyze demographic, ethnic, and religious identity information of those who attended modern shamanic ceremonies in the area.

Catherine Doren

From one country to the next, the role of socioeconomic status differs in its relation to academic achievement.  In this study, I examine the role of country-level factors, specifically open and closed systems, in affecting this relationship.  The existing literature provides conflicting evidence, suggesting that open, democratic characteristics may either decrease or increase the effect of socioeconomic status in a country, as may closed, non-democratic characteristics. Using multi-level models to analyze data from the Programme for International Student Assessment and the Quality of Government datasets, I find that the relationship is more complex.


Date: Tuesday, April 23
Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 103
Food: Pizza! As I’ve said like three times.

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