J Street U Presents: The Law in These Parts


The lovely leaders of J Street U at Wesleyan write:

Come eat dinner and watch The Law in These Parts, a film which offers a harsh critique of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Through interviews with retired Israeli judges and archival footage, this documentary provides both an primer on the history of the occupation, as well as a witness to how, since 1967, the situation in what was supposed to be a temporary occupation has gone from bad to worse.

We hope you’ll join J Street U for this screening, and invite you to stay afterwards for a short discussion of the occupation, law, citizenship, and their effect on human rights and the possibility of a two-state solution.

Check out the trailer here.

Date: Wednesday, April 24
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: PAC 001
Facebook Event: Get at usss

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