Spring Fling Guest Passes for Non Students Now on Sale

Spring FlingAre your non-Wes friends jealous of our Spring Fling lineup? Do they wanna come down and see Kendrick? Well, they can:

Guest passes for non-students are now on sale at the Usdan box office. Tickets cost $20, and there is a limit of one guest ticket per student. You can charge it right to your student account. Get ’em while you can, because guest passes will sell out.

For the event, you will need to leave your ID and your guest’s ID at the entrance as you enter and exit.

As always, Spring Fling is free for students. May 9! Get amped!

Available: Now
Price: $20
Place: Usdan Box Office

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16 thoughts on “Spring Fling Guest Passes for Non Students Now on Sale

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  2. BK

    For those of you who resent this decision but still want to buy a guest pass for someone:

    It’s worth noting that buying a new WesCard costs $15 — it’s easy enough to buy one and give it to your visiting friend. You might as well buy one for your friends who want to see this show: save yourself $5, get a new WesCard, and avoid supporting this decision. Above all else, this is an exclusionary measure, regardless of whether or not that was the primary intention. Spring Fling should be open to all who are interested in joining us for this concert. We depend so much on the Middletown community, and it is events like this that should redeem our presence, that could offer something back to those who support us everyday. I know many Middletown residents who would love to see this show, and probably WILL end up paying the $20 — this will earn the Committee revenue, and this will probably get us more money for artists next year.

    But this should not take precedence over trying to involve ourselves with the Middletown community at large, and trying to stop privileging ourselves over those around us. I think one of the biggest problems that this school is dealing with is the cultural tension between the residents of the surrounding community and our own. Making Middletown residents pay $20 when we do not have to pay anything, when we are already allowed to pay LESS at local businesses just by showing our WesCards, is a mark of unappreciative privilege, and I resent it. This should be an inclusive, celebratory event, and making Middletown residents pay for it only exacerbates this impression of Wesleyan students as over-privileged and unappreciative. People will come — especially the kids our age from Middletown who want to see Kendrick, I’m sure — but the fees they have to pay will mark a segregation of THEM from US.

    I would reconsider supporting this decision if it was changed to include residents of Middlesex County among those who could enter the concert for free. It makes some sense to make visiting kids from other schools pay $20 — this is not what I am objecting to.

  3. blah

    I’d just like to put this out there: this probably seems small and trivial to some, but it’s a really sad moment for Wes in my opinion. Wesleyan, a few years ago, used to be a super chill place with cool/interesting/intelligent people. Things are changing for the worse and it makes me really sad. It seems like everything is about money now. Spring Fling is supposed to be a chill day to hang and listen to live music, even if the performers may not be your favorite. Now guests have to pay, why, so next year you can get someone more expensive? That’s not what it’s about, man. Is that what everyone is really most concerned with? Wes seems to be becoming so uptight and money hungry, and if students are the ones that made this decision, then that’s really sad and I’m glad to be leaving in May.

  4. hank mardukas

    $20 tickets for guests = more money for the committee to spend on artists. I totally support this, especially since it’s the cheapest kendrick lamar ticket you’ll find anywhere

    1. asds

      i don’t think they’re going to make THAT much money that it will really effect what artists are secured for next year.

    2. ehh no

      they’re only selling 150 guest passes. $20 x 150 = $3000. this much money isn’t going to change the caliber of acts we can get..

  5. boots

    $20 seems pretty steep, esp since guests have never had to pay before…
    also this kind of sucks for middletown residents who used to go. freshman year an adorable old woman asked me when spring fling was because, she said, she had a tradition and would always bring her grandkids. guess that ain’t happening anymore.


    1. tictoc

      $20 is cheaper than any show outside of wes with these caliber of acts would cost. I agree with you, but it’s not unusual to charge for guest passes. Hell, Wesleyan is one of the only schools that doesn’t charge students themselves for tickets, so not much sympathy for you there, bud.

  6. John Cage

    WILL/spring fling committee – why is this necessary? As far as I can remember a ticket has never been required for any person trying to attend spring fling, just a wes ID or a host.

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