Mothers of Bedford Documentary Screening and Q&A with filmmaker Jenifer McShane


Courtesy of Molly Rappaport ’15:

An exciting event hosted by the Wesleyan Center for Prison education:

Is it possible to become a better mother while serving time in a
maximum security prison?

Mothers of Bedford, a feature length documentary, follows five women
incarcerated in the Bedford Hills Correctional Facility and looks at
their lives through the lens of motherhood. The film explores the
effects of a long-term prison sentence on the mother-child
relationship. Mothers of Bedford examines the struggles and joys these
five women face as prisoners and mothers. It shows the normal
frustrations of parenting as well as the surreal experiences of a
child’s first birthday party inside prison, the cell that child lives
in with her mother, and the biggest celebration of the year, Mother’s
Day in prison!

If you have any interest in prison issues of any kind this is a
must-see film! While the event is called for 4 but we will be starting
a few minutes late so that people can make it coming from afternoon
class! Following the film there will be a Q&A with the filmaker
Jenifer McShane.

Hope to see you all there (Powell Family Cinema located on the first
floor of the Center for Film Studies)!!!

  • Date: April 25
  • Time: 4:00 PM
  • Place: Powell Family Cinema (in the building where the Film Series is!)
  • Cost: FREE
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