Relive the Wesleyan Thinks Big Magic!

Hey Wesleyan,

For anyone of the sad souls who were unfortunate enough to have missed this spring’s Wesleyan Thinks Big event or thought that the liveblog (or lack there of – sorry, the chapel wifi was and still is super spotty) and the awesome Argus article was just not enough, here’s your chance to relive the WTB experience!

Wesleyan Thinks Big is basically a magical extravaganza of Ted Talks meets your favorite professors meets all the kittens, sloths, and babies in the world. The event happens every semester, so make sure you go next fall. Professor Gil Skillman (who spoke during the event last fall) returned to emcee this spring.

The videos from the event have recently been processed and uploaded onto Youtube by WesPregame (Thanks IMS, youdabest!). Here is the playlist to all five videos!

The individual videos and some information about each talk and the speaking professor will be located after the jump.

Paula Matthusen, Assistant Professor of Music:
“Sounds in Remembered Spaces”

Jeff Rider, Professor of Romance Languages & Literature:
“The Importance of Old Stories”

Balu (Balasubrahmaniyan), Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music:
“Periyar’: E.V.Ramasamy and Social Activism in India”

Jacob Bricca, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Film Studies:
“Cinema Verité and the Reality Infection”

Vera Schwarz, Professor of History & East Asian Studies:
“A Jewish Wanderer Listening for the Unsayable in China”

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  1. question

    Did anyone ever put up the videos for the Fall ’12 Wes Thinks Big somewhere? would love to watch those again

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